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Kevin Pinsembert with Georges Braque at Château Saint-Maur

Saatchi Yates is pleased to present a new exhibition of Kevin Pinsembert and Georges Braque at Château Saint Maur, Cogolin, opening 13th July.

The show features Kevin Pinsembert’s monumental large scale paintings, renderings of everyday scenes broken to pieces and assembled back together like a cubist flat pack.These works are displayed next to the paintings of Georges Braque the founder of cubism. The idea of subverting the image with broken distortions of perspective runs deep in the work of both Braque and Pinsembert whilst being painted a century a part.

Pinsembert’s work of street scenes painting in a wildy rich and seductive colour palette play off braques paintings of still life’s of fruit, lemons, eggs and a delicious looking poisson satisfys the appetite and complements the vineyard in which the exhibition is set perfectly.

Bringing together the rigour of a French master and the work of contemporary artist Pinsembert whose paintings originated on the streets of Paris. The exhibition of Kevin Pinsembert with Georges Braque is a gourmand’s bliss. A feast in the South of France.

13th August - 28th August
Château Saint-Maur
535 Route de Collobrières,
83310 Cogolin, France

With thanks to Château Saint-Maur and Are Belga for bringing this to life.